Monday, August 3, 2009

Ebay Store

I really hate to say it BUT,I gave in and opened an Ebay Store.UGH I know I'm really not a big Ebay or Paypal Fan ...but I figured sales can't be any worse there than on Etsy,Artfire,Bonanzle,etc...
We will be adding products through out the comining days!!
We will also be able to sell Western Picture Frames,Cast Iron,Western Decor,& the many other items that I have laying around..
so the next time your on Ebay check us out :)


  1. It will be interesting to see how well you do on Ebay compared to other sites you're on.

  2. Candle sales have been slow at Etsy. It's that time of year where no one really wants them I suppose. I've gone back and forth with this issue of re-opening my ebay store too. Let me know how it goes. I wish you much luck and I can certainly understand and relate! Besides, having more than 1 online shop is a good idea.