Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ugh!Thats how I feel after this last weekend.We had a booth in the Shawnee Mall (Black Friday -Saturday)The only thing that comes to mind is What the Hell was I thinking?LOL!People are crazy!We saw everything from actual fist fights to shop lifters...I will never...never....never do another show on Black Friday again!The sad thing is that Cyber Monday was so...much better for us.

Here I am this morning coffee in hand going to wake up Wyatt for school & what happens he flys by me to get to the bathroom to get sick.This kid is putting more grey hair on my head than Amber ever did at that age.I think this is his 7th day he has been absent from school.

If I ever get all of my online orders caught up I think it will be a miracle.Not that I'm complaining about the money,I just didn't think I would have a sick kid at home today...b/c Wyatt is the biggest baby when he is sick!

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